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The cow has gone – BIKE AID changes colors

Friday, Feb 24, 2017 in Pro Cycling

During the final pre-season meeting held at the Mercure Hotel in Saarbrücken, Germany, BIKE AID presented their brand new team clothes in a totally new design.

People got used to see the famous cow on the back of the boys from BIKE AID during the past 4 years, but now the time had come to send the cow back to have a rest and change the design of the team. The unique comic style had to leave for a modern graphic design.

„It really has been a long process to develop this new design and it was alos a long way to take the final descision to go for it. But the team is moving forward and the new design stands also for the next level of the team, kind of BIKE AID 2.0 if you like“, Matthias Schnapka said.

In close cooperation with Caroline Gräßer from goldkind design and the clothing partner BIEHLER, it has been achieved to create a new, individual and innovative design that will for sure stand out of the peloton in 2017. But not only the design is a big movement, also the new jerseys have again been innovated by the German manufacturer BIEHLER. Quality hand made in Germany is one of the most important attributes of the clothes from BIEHLER and with the new collection they will support the riders again in the best way.

Especially the recently developed „highspeed“ jersey will set new standards for the team. With the very light material it is supporting the riders in hot conditions and in terms of aerodynamics it is performing on a very high standard.

„The design of our jerseys had always a unique and outstanding character in the past. With the new design that continues in a very special way as we find: colorful, extravagant, and stylish – all in all just different as the mainstream in the peloton such as BIKE AID is  in general“, Nikodemus Holler – one of the team captains – describes his point of view.