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SANTIC new clothing partner of BIKE AID

Sunday, Jan 14, 2018 in Pro Cycling

The clothing manufacturer SANTIC Sports from China is the new clothing partner of BIKE AID since the 2018 season and will provide strategic support to the professional team from Germany. 

Whether it's the Tour of Qinghai Lake, the Tour of Taihu Lake or Tour of Quanzhou Bay - in the past few years, the German team BIKE AID has left its footprint in China. Now, for the first time, a Chinese company is partnering up with the team and wants to achieve big goals together.

Who is Santic?

Santic is one of the leading companies in Asia in the field of sportswear, especially in the field of cyclingwear and custom cyclingwear with a sales revenue of about 40 million USD per year. In addition to individual cycling clothing, Santic also offers a broaght collection, both for men but also especially for women with their own cut.

What is the goal?

With a sponsoring or a partnership, there are of course always economic goals that a company hopes to achieve. In the case of SANTIC, the development of the European sales market is a special goal and, of course, Germany will be the focus. SANTIC wants to increase the awareness of the brand and use the exposure that BIKE AID with its unique concept and team can offer.

The partnership is also based on sporting goals that are designed for the long term. So the common goal is the further development of the project of BIKE AID to specifically promote African cycling and athletes and to bring the whole team to a new level.

And the quality?

It is important for the riders - and then also for the customers - that the highest quality standards are given for the clothing. Imagine that the riders of the Proteam spend about 25,000 to 30,000 kilometers a year in the saddle - in cold, rainy weather and extreme heat. Since the clothing must withstand and is put through its paces. SANTIC stands for high-quality as well innovation and worked already with BIKE AID in October on new cuts to optimize the aerodynamics as well as fabrics to achieve a better heat tolerance.The result is a unique and great jerseys, racing bodies and accessories that will accompany the guys throughout the Sasion and help them to achieve their goals.

And where can I get the collection?

The entire BIKE AID collection will also be available for "non-members". Here again the source of supply is separately communicated and announced. You may be curious.More information about SANTIC can be found on the website ( or on the SANTIC Facebook account.