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Impressions from Mallorca trainingcamp

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2016 in Pro Cycling

Lot of people name Mallorca as a part of Germany, due to so many German tourists coming to this mediterranean island every year.

Surely this fact could in general lead to this opinion when you see the famous “playa de Palma” in summertime. But this island has to show actually so much different aspects and impresses again and again with new views and its nature.

What Mallorca means to tourists with a bit of a different attitude in summertime, the island means to cyclists in wintertime: it is a place to escape from the bad weather in central Europe and shaping up for the season while having good weather and best topographical conditions.

Out of this reason, a big part of Stradalli – BIKE AID procycling team spent some time in Mallorca to prepare the upcoming season. Here you can get some impressions of the guys and their rides.

A big thanks to William Donnarel for the great pictures!