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Welcome on board SunGod!

Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022 in News

It’s official, we are pleased to announce our two year partnership with performance eyewear brand SunGod! At SunGod they see a better world; through their lenses, through their actions and through doing business better. As such it is their mission to make a difference through their products, the platform they create and the community their building and BIKE AID are thrilled to be part of that community.

“We are happy to have a partner like Sungod on our team, who, like us, follows a young, fresh and innovative concept and above all they also represent social values, which is a very important matter to us. So our interests in many aspects overlap greatly. In addition, their products are of absolutely high quality, providing our riders with the best possible support in races.” Timo Schäfer, team manager.

What does this mean for the BIKE AID team?

  • SunGod builds better eyewear products by combining cutting edge design with the best lens technology available that helps our riders to “See Better” and enhance their performance.
  • 1% of SunGod’s revenue goes to 1% for the Planet. SunGod commits to reducing their collective impact on the planet.
  • Climate neutral: Every SunGod product is Climate Neutral, they’ve calculated the carbon impact and neutralised it through offsetting projects.
  • Guaranteed for Life: Keeping your gear in play is better than throwing it away. Which is why all SunGod products come with a market leading Lifetime Guarantee against breakage. 
  • Content collaboration: Keep your eyes peeled for content championing the shared values of SunGod and BIKE AID!

Let’s hear from SunGod 

“Welcoming such a competitive and forward thinking team, BIKE AID, to the SunGod family is an excellent way to show our commitment to creating a better industry together. This is a relationship of shared values, where performance and social commitment are at the forefront.” David Rogal, Head of Partnerships.

Our riders are pretty stoked

Our riders are already out and about testing their new SunGods
"As a big fan of customisable, high quality sunglasses and sustainability I was very delighted when  the new partnership with SunGod was confirmed. It is fantastic to give a personal touch to your team kit!“ Adne van Engelen.

What we are racing in

‘Where do I design and purchase my own SunGods to match BIKE AID?’ We are wearing the SunGod Velans TF , choose to match us or create your own customisable pair and maximise your performance.  

If you want to find out more about our new partner, head over to @we_are_sungod to keep up with all the action or visit their homepage!