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We have lost a friend

Tuesday, Aug 30, 2022 in Pro Cycling

Sule Kangangi died after a crash in a gravel race in the USA. It hurts so much.

Sule Kangangi was a wonderful teammate, a great character, a person who went a long way, did everything right. 

He started cycling with the Kenyan Riders Project around Nicholas Leong, Simon Blake and Ciaran Fitzpatrick. The project gave important impulses for cycling in Kenya.

In 2017, he joined BIKE AID. He traveled the world with us, celebrating his first international successes for Kenyan cycling such as his third place overall in the Tour du Rwanda. He was 29 years old at the time. He was already an adult, not a young athlete. But he kept developing and developing.

In 2022, we released him from the team. Not because we no longer believed in him. But because we trusted him to be more than a professional cyclist at Continental level. And Sule did everything right. He organized races for children and the first gravel races in Kenya, visited schools and became a personality who promoted cycling in his home country and a popular ambassador for cycling in Africa worldwide. 

He became a Global Brand Ambassador for Giant, the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. And he met the Amani Project around founder Mikel Delagrange. A Gravel Project for African cyclists. There he found a new sporting home and became a captain and role model for young athletes. 

Sule "empowered" himself, inspiring many people he met. And his story will continue to do so.

But Sule is also a family man, leaving behind children and his wife who must now overcome this difficult challenge. 

Those who wish to support the family can do so through this gofundme initiative:
gofundeme Donations for Sule's Family

Thank you Suleiman for being with us.