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Tino Thömel on the Podium at stage 1 Tour of Poyang Lake

Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017 in Pro Cycling

Couple of weeks training and a fast sprint: Tino Thömel takes another podium for BIKE AID with his 3rd place on stage 1 at Tour of Poyang Lake

He is a really fast sprinter and is riding within the peloton already for many years. But the priority for the fast man from Berlin beisde his cycling career is his studies in mechanical engineering. This is what Tino Thömel wants to go through in the style of a sprinter and there is no time to lose. But as soon as he is at the start of any cycling race and it comes to the sprint, he is the one to watch. It's him who sets standards in the proportion of training effort to success.

Tino Thömel is currently riding with the team BIKE AID  an eleven-day stage race in China, which runs south-west of Shanghai. On the first stage in Jiujiang he was able to take third place thanks to good teamwork.

In the coming days, the riders expect a change from sprint stages, but also smaller mountain finsihes and hilly terrain are on the program during the tour around the Poyang Lake.

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