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Reaching national top level with BIKE AID - now it's "time to say goodbye" Justin!

Sunday, Dec 12, 2021 in Pro Cycling

For the fifth time in a row, a BIKE AID rider is the most successful athlete of a German continental team in the ranking of Radsport News. After three extremely successful years, Justin Wolf changes colors at the peak of his development. Unfortunately, he could not fulfill his dream of the World Tour.

In since the beginning

We know Justin for a very long time now. Ten years, to be exact. In 2012 he already wore the BIKE AID jersey as a young gun, but back then he was still an amateur rider. Even at that time, it was apparent that Justin has an incredible talent and seems to have been blessed by nature with a tremendous engine. In 2013, as a then 21-year-old, he changed to continental level and then came back to us in 2014, in the first year of Team BIKE AID as a continental team.

Change of plans?

But then real life took its course and Justin faced what was probably the biggest challenge of his life up to that point: he became father! His focus shifted. Justin now devoted himself to his young family and less to the bike. But passion is passion and Justin was quickly hooked again. And so the paths of BIKE AID and Justin crossed again.

Three unforgettable years

In winter 2016, Justin and Timo Schäfer met again on Mallorca by accident. They got along really well and from then on spent many days and kilometers in the saddle on the sunny island. The contact remained on a regular basis and at the end of 2018 the time had come: As German university champion, Justin returned to BIKE AID again for the 2019 season. Here his three most successful years began, with the 2021 season as a highlight: 3 solo UCI victories, fifth in the German Time Trial Championship, track national team, part of the line-up for the Olympic program of the BDR for Tokyo, as well as European champion 2020 and vice European champion 2021 with the mixed relay time trial team.

The big goal World Tour

As in the Tour of Germany, Justin repeatedly showed what he is capable of in high-profile races with World Tour contingents. His very active riding style is particularly striking. Some teams were intensively engaged with him and it seemed as if he could fulfill his dream of the World Tour after all. Unfortunately, the trend is going in a different direction. Teams are already scouting at the junior level and Justin is already 29, so the dream burst and one wonders if it should be primarily about age or performance. But all right, that is a different topic.

Change of scenery

What do sportsmen do at this point, as an athlete and as a person? Justin needs a new challenge with different races and tasks. Now he is looking for this with the Luxembourg team Leopard. "Especially all the races in Holland and Belgium suit me. I would like to concentrate more on these one-day races from now on." Says Justin Wolf, who immediately adds, "BIKE AID has helped to shape my life as an athlete and helped me to see things from a different perspective. In particular, the cultural diversity in the team and the daily interaction with riders from different cultural backgrounds contributed to this.“

See you again!

It is a bitter loss for the team "We are glad that we were able to go such a way with Justin in the past years. Of course it is a shame that he is leaving us. Nevertheless, we understand his decision and hope that Justin will continue to enjoy cycling in the future," says Timo Schäfer, who continues "Justin's son Fynn is now 7 years old and has often been on site at the races. Justin has become a man. By now a father of two. Dear Justin, it makes us happy that we have been a part of your (sporting) life and we are sure that the contact will continue!“

And who knows: maybe we will meet again in Mallorca - Good luck and goodbye!

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Further riders leaving us

We would also like to say goodbye to the following riders and wish them all the best for their sporting and personal future: Charles Kagimu (goes to Pro Touch), Erik Bergström, Mekseb Debesay and Marco König. Thank you very much for the great times we had together!