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Patrick Lechner takes 4th today at An Post Rás (UCI 2.2) in Ireland

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 in Pro Cycling

On today’s stage 4 at the tour of Ireland Patrick Lechner missed the podium by only a few millimeters, but proofed again how fast he is in the sprint.

It was one of those moments, when it is all about a few millimeters, just a few thousands of a second. A moment, when an athlete doesn’t really know what to think about: should he cry or should he be happy? Was it a great performance or was it simply missing the success? Actually it should be a moment of joy and happiness when you finish 4th on a stage of a professional race but somehow it always remains a feeling of an incomplete mission.

Athletes are like this. Always on the run, always about faster, higher, further. But this is exactly the reason what athletes are made of! Always in mind how to develop and how to improve. When you don’t have this attitude, you will never come to success in competition.

But honestly: what the guys did again today is just awesome! It was a superb performance of the whole team again as they  faced one common goal together: to put the fastest guy in the best position for the sprint. And Patrick delivered massively again! 4th place! In a professional UCI ranked race. What more you can ask for? And Nikodemus Holler well rounded this day with his 9th place in the stage classification.

The only small bad thing today: Niko lost his climbers jersey as there was a break that went away and took the needed points. But he will have his opportunities to fight to get the jersey back during the upcoming days.

Well done guys and go ahead!

Results stage 4, An Post Rás 2016