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On a roadbike without a tube? - Schwalbe a reliable partner to BIKE AID

Monday, Jan 23, 2017 in Pro Cycling

During the last year's 2016 season, team BIKE AID was official testteam for the first time to test the new tubeless tyres from its partner Schwalbe. At the the end of the season everybody came to a positive conlusion.

It was again a very long but also a demanding season in 2016 for both the riders of team BIKE AID but also for ll the equipment that has been used. Many racedays and many kilometers at races around the globe demand a lot from the equipment to make a positive contribution to the results.


The foucs becomes more and more to the tires, as they are the only connection to the road at a high speed in the peloton. These 21 to 25mm wide rubbermade parts are the ones that holds you on the bike – on sandy, wet or slippery roads.


With Schwalbe – a German manufacturer of tires from Reichshof near Cologne – team BIKE AID has already a longstanding partnership. Schwalbe has proofed throughout the last decades that they set again and again new standards for the market by their R&D (research and development) with new products. But the best development in the lab is just half way as the truth is on the road at the end. At this stage, both parties were wondering what the season on the brandnew tubeless-system would bring and what the conclusion would be.


This technique is quite a simple one and a longstanding one at the same time as you can refer to the same sytem in the automotive industry. In a car there is no tube in the tire, it is just the cavity between the rim and the actual tire that holds the air – a quite normal thing there. But on a roadbike? Totally different. What has alreaady succeeded with the mountainbikers hasn't reached yet the traditionalists on the roadbike. But the longterm-use shows: without a good reason!


The BIKE AID riders were riding the Schwalbe ONE Pro Tubeless on wheels from German manufacturer CITEC. The assembly of the tires is quite the same compared to normal tires, there is just a different rim tape used that is specially made for tubeless-systems, to seal the space between tire and rim very strong that no air can leak after. The valve is screwed into the rim and sealed with a piece of rubber at the top. Then you just have to put the tire on, 30ml of special sealing-milk in it and pump up with high pressure- ready!


The practical test then showed impressive results: during a two week stage race with 7 riders on demanding roads in China, the mecanics of the team had to step in just one time to repair a flat tire that moreover came with a big cut. Only that is already a strong proof that this system is very reliable and resistant against punctures and is superior compared to traditional systems, as you drive down the risk of „snake bites“ to almost zero!


But also when it comes to qualities like grip or rolling resistance the tubeless-system is an absolute trendsetter. „Primary on rainy days we can use the advantages that this system gives us, as we just have to lower the pressure in the tire to maximum 5 to 6 bar and incresae the grip compared to the other tires tremendously. But it also reduces the rolling resistance and here we go“, Nikodemus Holler, one of team BIKE AID captains said.


What has been proven shouldn't be changed. Out of this reason both parties are happy that this partnership also continues in 2017 and the team can trust in these products from very high standard. And at highspeed the riders do not trust everybody!


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