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Nikodemus Holler proofs his shape – 6th place in Oberhausen

Monday, May 16, 2016 in Pro Cycling

After great performance in Frankfurt alongside with the worldclass of cycling and also in Belgium last week, Nikodemus Holler shows that he is ready for upcoming challenges.

Yesterday, Nikodemus Holler raced together with his teammate Dominik Merseburg at one of the most prestigious crit-races in Germany. The Grand Prix of Möbelstadt Rück is a 120 kilometer long and hard crit that demands a lot from the riders and due to the price money there is a hard fight for the victory every year. Not only riders from Germany are challenging there but also riders from the neighbor countries such as Belgium or the Netherlands.

After a really hard starting period, Niko showed his ability to read a race and made it up into the decisive break of the day where he fought with not equal weapons. As this tiny climber with his 55 Kilos is not very famous for his massive sprints it was not easy for him to find a way to escape from his fellows, knowing pretty well he could not manage to beat those massive guys in the sprint. So it was – even though Niko gave all and tried to break away from the other 5 guys but they made it up in the sprint where Daniel Klemme took the victory! But still it was again a brilliant day and performance from Niko!

Meanwhile another part of the team was travelling the other direction of Germany to the black forest. In Villingen – Schwenningen Patrick Lechner, Joschka Beck, Matthias Schnapka and the two guys from Rwanda Janvier Hadi and Jean-Bosco Nsengimana started at a 130 Kilometer Road race that should be quite challenging due to unexpected windy conditions. So the riders from Stradalli – BIKE AID were very active in the race and showed themselves a lot in the promising break-aways. But at the end the sprint didn’t end as expected and the guys tool place 14 and 16 by Patrick Lechner and Joschka Beck, tired after the efforts to decide the race by breaking away.  

Results Villingen

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Villingen: Elisa Haumesser Cycling Pictures