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Moving for Luca – be a part!

Saturday, Jul 15, 2017 in Pro Cycling

The concern for the fate of our club-member Luca Biwer amazing. More than 100.000 people has used our media channels to get information about it. Many friends and other clubs have spontaneously commited their help for Luca.

What happened?

Luca is a great Enduro Rider, wearing the BIKE AID jersey in also in the Enduro World Cup. During a training ride for his last preparations to a race in France he crashed very badly after a jump broke his cervical spine what subsequently damaged his spinal cord.

Due to this crash and injuries, he suffers a quadriplegia and his ability to move is more than doubtful.

Luca does not like to stand in the spot light

He really doesn’t like when things are turning around him. But together with his family, we share the opinion that we have to try all to raise awareness for this bad incident and and try also to help all together, as Luca’s family will probably be faced with high cost in the future.

High cost

The medical care of a quadriplegic patient will cost many million Euro. Unfortunately, not all cost will be covered by health insurance, also he will not be able to get any pension as he is still very young.

House and appartment hast o be modified fort he needs of disabled person and also nursing care at home has to be employed. The list of financial impacts could be continued.

It is not surprising that most oft he patients are reliant to charities or donations to maintain their cost. That ist he reason why BIKE AID founded „mouving for Luca“ – we want to help – together!

Donations for Luca

We created a plateform to donate and we care that every Cent will go directly to Luca and his family. You could donate here, from now on:


Online Shopping for Luca

Apart from that you can shop online at Amazon or all of your preferred stores under these two links. It doesn’t cost you anything and helps a lot! We will forward all donations out of this „affiliate Marketing“ to „mouving for Luca“

AMAZON shopping-Link for "Bewegung für Luca"

BOOST shopping-Link (for all shops ecept Amazon)


We inform regularly – in mutual agreement with Luca’s family – about his status and progress. We can’t provide daily blog articles about that but every couple of weeks we’ll try to give you an update. If you register online as guest-member (without any cost) you also get more information via newsletter. Otherwise, just follow our social media.  

You want to do a special event for Luca as a Club or a Community? Easy!

1.       Tell us your date

  If you would like, just tell us your date of the event and we also advertise your event on our 


2.       Donate

 The donates you just have to wire to the special account (mentioned above)


3.       Sharing articles

        Just send us a link to your article or send us your Text and pictures and we will take care of 

        the publishing oft he article


4.       Share the link to donate

 You could also share the link tot he donation and help to massify the participants

 We thank all of you a lot and we all hope to help together Luca and his family.