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Meron Teshome with 2nd place at Massawa Circuit

Sunday, Apr 16, 2017 in Pro Cycling

Meron Teshome sprints to the second place at today's Massawa Circuit (UCI 1.2) as part of the Tour of Eritrea and was only beaten by Simon Mussie.

Massawa is one of the hottest cities in Africa and is located on the Red Sea. So it is not easy for the guys from Germany to compete in this heat and do 121 kilometers of cycling race.

Nevertheless, the guys from Team BIKE AID managed to control the race for their captain Meron Teshome and everything went out on a sprint. But short before the finish, the young Eritrean Simon Mussie took his heart and put everything he had on the table for an attack.

With just a few seconds he made it as the winner, and "only" the 2nd place had left for Meron Teshome who won the sprint of the bunch.