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Justin Wolf wins gold with the mixed team relay

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020 in Pro Cycling

Wearing the national team's jersey is a special honor in itself. But to win a gold medal in this jersey is an absolute highlight of every athletic career. Justin Wolf was able to achieve both at the European Championships in Plouay/France.

In 2019 there was the first mixed team relay in the team time trial at an international championship. An exciting format, as it ensures gender equality for the first time in cycling and enables women to experience equal status in a competition. First 3 men ride a team time trial and then hand over to three women. You win together, you lose together.  

Justin Wolf was on the lucky side today. With his time trial qualities, he played a decisive role in the overall victory of the team around Lisa Klein, Mieke Krüger, Lisa Brennauer, Miguel Heidemann and Michel Hessmann.  

Before that, Justin Wolf started in the individual time trial, where he finished 7th. In the road race of the elite he was in the service of the team, confidently completed the task to control the bunch in the first three hours of the race and then handed it over to the sprint train around Pascal Ackermann. Unfortunately, there was then a crash in which Ackermann's most important helpers, Schwarzmann, Selig and Schillinger, had to give up the race. Pascal Ackermann was left to his own in the final, although he made it onto the podium with third place, he missed the intended victory.