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Justin Wolf takes 5th place in German time trial championchips

Friday, Jun 28, 2019 in Pro Cycling

Just six weeks ago Justin Wolf was in great shape, had big ambitions and then everything seemed uncertain. A terrible accident on the highway, sternum fracture and hospital. Today he fought back and finished fifth in the German time trial championships, which also means victory in the Bundesliga.

Justin Wolf is an absolute fast pacer, if he starts the leadout for the BIKE AID Sprinter Aaron Grosser or Lucas Carstensen, it will be hard for other teams to resist. But Justin is not a super man. Just six weeks ago he was on his way to a race in a minibus when the driver crashed into a truck without stopping. A shock for him and his young family. In such a moment, it quickly becomes aware that cycling race does not mean everything and how fragile we are human beings. 

The images of the van suggested something bad, but the inmates were all lucky in not to much injured. Justin himself came to the hospital with broken sternum and a few broken ribs, had to take a break. But he did not want to give up his goal at the German Championships in individual time trial a top result. 

Today was the day. After returning to racing at the Route d'Occitanie last week to regain some racing shape, he competed in the national championships in Spremberg, Brandenburg today. 

In the end he had beaten only 4 riders from the World Tour, finished behind the winner Tony Martin, Nils Politt, Jasha Sütterlin and Max Walscheid an excellent fifth place. Incidentally, he also won the individual rating of the Bundesliga, as he was ahead of all other riders of German continental teams and Bundesliga teams.

Result German Championchips Time Trial Elite

Result German Championchips Time Trial Bundesliga