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Hylo Eye Care - new look for BIKE AID

Sunday, Feb 28, 2021 in Pro Cycling

An innovative high-tech company with a leading position in ophthalmology, which offers bee colonies the space to produce sustainable organic honey on its premises. To the bees' delight, this is the unusual company Ursapharm, and to our delight, our main partner.

Ophthalmology, huh? Yes, Ursapharm is a pharmaceutical company. One is entitled to be sceptical about the connection between pharmaceuticals and sports sponsorship. But it would do justice neither to Ursapharm nor to its commitment if one were to shorten one's opinion to that.

Doping for the eyes? Certainly not  

Ursapharm is one of the market leaders for ophthalmology products. Probably a not quite everyday term that stands for nothing more banal than eye drops. For contact lens wearers and many others, an irreplaceable product for mastering everyday life. No, it doesn't make you cycle any faster. But you won't have dry eyes any more, which can also help a lot during the one or other night shift at the computer.    

And Ursapharm is represented all over the world, with branches in Russia and India and sales partners in 74 other countries.

Important supporter of sport in the Saarland​  

But what distinguishes this company above all is its regional commitment, which makes it one of the showcase companies in Saarland. Saarland is the federal state of Germany where BIKE AID comes from. Hardly any sporting event or top sports club in Saarland can do without Ursapharm's support. Likewise, they sustainably promote culture and social activities, support start-ups and ecologically meaningful projects.  And this is despite the fact that Ursapharm has long been advertising on premium platforms such as FC Bayern Munich.

Why does Ursapharm do this? It is a family owned business from the Saarland that stands by its roots. The company's commitment to the football club SV Elversberg, the friendly top club from our region, is also representative of this. 

New season, new design  

In 2021, the team will complete a design relaunch and present many new partners. "We wanted to develop further visually and the new structure with the Bundesliga teams is a suitable occasion for this. Last but not least, the regulations of the cycling federation tell us that the jerseys of the different teams have to be different. We now have a collection that is very distinct from each other in terms of colour, but still based on the same design. This also offers the possibility of catering to different tastes and yet everything can be combined with each other," says Matthias Schnapka.

The BIKE AID pros wore the colourful jerseys with the triangles around the world for four years. The jersey was well received everywhere and the design elements have found many imitators. The triangles will not disappear completely, but the new jersey will be somewhat quieter, more aesthetic. And above all, a new name will be presented as the main partner on the chest.

The professional team wears a jersey in the basic colour patrol blue, somewhat darker than before. The development teams start in bright orange and for the mountain bikers there is a discreet shade of brown. The whole thing also works thanks to a new jersey partner F2P, which we will introduce separately.

Advertising platform with international reach   

Above all, Hylo Eye Care will be presented in a big way as the main sponsor in the future. This is the brand with which Ursapharm is also most strongly represented internationally. This also underlines Ursapharm's confidence in the project. The team has a global presence and achieves remarkable media attention in some countries. With the focus on the Hylo Eye Care brand, this can be channelled in a more targeted way to achieve the greatest possible value from the engagement.  

Uwe Kuntz, one of the two presidents of the BIKE AID Association: "Promoting a Saarland family owned business that operates internationally and, despite all its economic success, is above all characterised by its sustainable commitment to the region is a pleasure for us and offers us the opportunity to further develop our projects.