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Hot weekend with great success!

Monday, Aug 29, 2016 in Pro Cycling

Patrick Lechner wins regional championships in hill climbing and Dominik Merseburg takes 2nd place in Lingenfeld Crit race!

It was the hottest weekend of the year, with temperatures about 38 degrees Celcius but the guys from Stradalli - BIKE AID successfully beat the heat. While Patrick Lechner won the regional champs in hill climbing on satruday with a superb ride about 32 km/h for 6 kilometers, Dominik Merseburg could proof that he has still a good shape.

In a dramatic crit race on sunday afternoon in Lingenfeld, him and the team fought again aginst the specialists in crit-racing Team Möbel - Ehrmann. After lot of effort and a dramatic final, Dominik had to let Simon Nuber take the step on the top of the podium but the team was very happy with his 2nd place: "the team worked really hard and well for me today. It was a very hard fight with the guys from Ehrman and especially Simon Nuber. In the end he is a lgend in crit-racing and he for sure deserves the win. But I am very happy with my 2nd place today", Dominik Merseburg said after the race.

Under the eyes of Tom Steinbacher, CEO and owner of sponsor "Stradalli", it was also Justin Pfaff from Florida who could do his first kilometers of racing in Europe as a stagiaire for the team. He will be also racing Tour of China in 2 weeks as his first professional race.