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Goodbye Benotti

Saturday, Jan 16, 2021 in Pro Cycling

With the start oft he new 2021 season, the long-term partnership between BIKE AID and the German bike manufacturer Benotti will come to an end - we say thank you!

It all started four and a half years ago. It was at a time when people could still go still to fairs to spot the brand new bikes and parts for the upcoming years. Benotti Bikes and brand owner Bernd Nolte was also present with its own booth at Eurobike show 2016 and proudly presented its models “handmade in Germany”: the VIAL Evo series.

At that time, team BIKE AID was still riding bicycles from an US brand and nobody was really happy with the situation at that time. After a happy and funny evening, the owner of the former clothing partner of BIKE AID put Benotti and Bernd Nolte in contact with the team, as he knew that both parties had ambitious development plans.

Said and done, Timo Schäfer and Matthias Schnapka found themselves at the previously mentioned booth, in between finest German carbon manufacturing art. Both sides wanted to work together and so team BIKE AID rolled since the 2017 season on bicycles out of Duderstadt to the start line.

With the Vial Evo series from Benotti in particular, the riders had the finest material at their disposal, which in addition to an incredibly lightweight 680g frame also offers incredible stiffness. The riders were of course enthusiastic and the sporty story is well known.

After four years it is now time for change. That's the way it is in real life and that's how it is in sports. We thank Bernd and the Benotti staff for being part of the development of our team and wish them all the best for the future.