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From BIKE AID to Pro Tour – Dan Craven transfers to Europcar

Friday, May 23, 2014 in Pro Cycling

A great success for Dan Craven, a great honor for our project but also a great loss.

Dan Craven was the ultimate stroke of luck to our team. In Cameroon he gave us the first round trip win and at the Tour du Maroc he formed our riders to an unity. The guys gave everything to get Dan Craven to the fifth place of the overall ranking. Dan Craven has lead the over all ranking of the UCI Africa Tour in April and with that opened new possibilities for our team in African cycling.

But sportive success is not everything that he brought to our team. Dan Craven is a character like no other in competitive sports. He spreads a feel of positive tranquility and balance and his horizon is by far not limited to his sportive activities.

From June on he will be riding to the French Pro Tour Team Europcar. A team of the highest category and with a budget of several million Euro. The opportunity came as a surprise for him as well as for us. Of course we would have loved to keep him in our team for another season. However, an opportunity like this can’t be turned down. In the end it is an great honor for our project, that one of our riders gets an offer for a Pro Tour team after only a few months. Apart from other major races Dan Craven will participate in the Vuelta Espagna – one of the biggest country round trips next to the Giro d’italia and the Tour de France.

After all Dan is Dan. He won’t turn his back on us but rather accompany our project because he is passionate about the thought behind it. He is involved in projects in his home country Namibia and even established a national team with youth from townships there. Together with him we will figure out a way how we can combine his involvement with our project. Now we will follow the races with Dan with great interest and wish him good luck for the future!