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Four days of cycling in Germany - A review

Friday, Nov 8, 2019 in Pro Cycling

Slowly, the cold draws in, the memory of warm summer days moves into the distance. Time to enjoy once again the beautiful pictures from this year's Deutschland Tour and to draw a conclusion.

The Deutschland Tour, a peleton as a Top World Tour race, driven more offensively like most of the Tour de France stages and faced with the expectation of being responsible for the future of German cycling.

4 days of cycling in Germany as it should be

It feels good to take part at a stage race with a German UCI team in Germany. Accompanied by a continuous coverage in the national print media and live broadcasts in ARD and ZDF. If the passion for cycling that our team experiences around the world is felt here too; If we not only tell about it, but the friends, families, fans, our sponsors and many more on the spot will be captivated by the enthusiasm.



Germany is beautiful, too

If you see the TV pictures from the helicopter, how the bunch rolls through German cultural landscapes, commuting across the former inner-German border, past historical places like the Wartburg in Eisenach, which is closely connected with names like Luther or Goethe, then you have it literally, what a tour can do and tell, how it honors the beauty of a country while providing great sports.

World-class sport or stage for domestic teams?

The Continental teams link high expectations with the Deutschland Tour. Teams are founded because of her, teams close again because of her, if they are not invited. Finally, to offer the sponsors real media presence, to put themselves in the limelight in a high-quality peleton, to be part of how cycling in Germany gets going again. But can all this succeed with a single four-day stage race?

When the best teams in the world compete for the general clasification in seconds, the result is a really exciting race. But you have to be honest: For continental teams it is then hardly possible to play a role in the result, which also none of the four German teams succeeded. What the Deutschland Tour had to offer the quality of international stars, can hardly increase. It speaks for itself when riders such as Richie Porte, the 30-time Tour de France stage winner Marc Cavendish, last year's Tour de France winner Geraint Thomas or the current world rankings First Julian Alaphilippe, some minutes behind with our riders in the Grupetto cross the finish line and world-class sprinters have to disembark like a Caleb Ewan as they can not keep up with the pace.

Good yield for BIKE AID

All continental teams hope for the valuable television presence. On the first stage, BIKE AID rider Nicodemus Holler and Joschua Huppertz from Lotto Kernhaus were able to stay in a leading group for a long time, the pictures went into the living room, the riders and teams were in discussion. The second stage was marked by the long solo ride of the century talent Remco Evenepoel, the Conti teams went empty-handed.

On the third stage it was the young Mika Heming of Team Dauner, who roared through the landscape on the rear wheel of Julian Alaphilippe, before Justin Wolf of Team BIKE AID tried again with a solo. The same did Jouscha Hupperz on the final stage, a few kilometers in the focus of the Kammeras, trying to stay alone in front of the bunch for as long as possible.

Africans show how to celebrate

Our emotional highlight was the finish in Eisenach. A bus with around 70 exileritreans set off for the Deutschland Tour. A colorful hustle and bustle, euphoric cheering her national hero; for us the best picture of the Deutschland Tour 2019, for many photographers apparently too. But our Mekseb Debesay, Eritrea, the cycling in Africa and BIKE AID was everywhere in the conversation and we were able to contribute a part of what we experience in Africa even enriching the tour Germany.



Development aid from France, now it's up to us

What you should not forget: The Deutschland Tour only exist, because the French in the form of ASO, that is the organizer of the Tour de France, provide development assistance here.

The Deutschland Tour is an enrichment in the national sports calendar and beyond. It was an event that nationally picks up all the media and transport great images throughout the world. The tour has also shown in this country, as cycling is a sport that connects and overcomes boundaries and not as some other sports based on demarcation. Right now we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Deutschland Tour criss cross free between the former borders. Is there another sport that celebrates reunification in this way?

What should be considered a highlight for all German teams should be normality, must actually be the basis on which a lively national cycling can build. The first step is done, now more must follow.

It takes more races, especially stage races, it takes the courage of the media to pick up the events and of course, it must be ensured that the German teams may present themselves there.

It's worth it, shows the Deutschland Tour.

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