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Erik Bergström Frisk - Scandinavian talent join BIKE AID

Wednesday, Jan 29, 2020 in Pro Cycling

When you think of Sweden, you might think more of Nordic skiing. Nevertheless, there are also good cyclists in Scandinavia. And one of them is now switching to BIKE AID.

How can you prepare for a professional cycling season in Sweden, especially in winter? Presumably a strong will and very good clothes are part of it. Or a lot of indoor training or alternatives like cross-country skiing.

Erik Bergström Frisk has already proven at the age of 20 that you can still become a successful cyclist. In 2019 he finished fourth overall in the Tour of Qinghai Lake in China and was Swedish vice champion in the time trial behind Tobias Ludvigsson, from French World Tour Team Groupama - FDJ. Erik was also allowed already to represent his country at European and World Championships.

Erik came to cycling through his father and slightly older brother, with whom he rode in the same team for the first two U23 years. Now he wants to take the next step in his career and sees his opportunities at BIKE AID due to the extensive and high-quality racing calendar.

Erik recently wrote to us that he was training in the cold rain of Sweden, as he is used to it but can't wait to start the season somewhere in warm climes with his new team.

We are happy to welcome a new nationality to our team and hopefully to have a race in Erik´s home 2020.