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Crash in last 500m cost Carstensen a top spot on the podium

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 in Pro Cycling

BIKE AID sprinter Lucas Carstensen sprints to 7th place on stage 2 at Tour of Ireland from Athlone to Tipperary.  

Rain, rain and rain again. So the "green island" showed up during the second stage from Athlone to Tipperary over 150 kilometers yesterday. At the end of the stage it should come to a mass sprint and Lucas Carstensen of team BIKE AID was certainly one of the favorites.

So he was also perfectly positioned and rode to 5th place in the last corner, but then the rider in front of him slipped away on the wet road and crashed. Lucas could just avoid crashing himself and stayed on the bike. "The position was gone and I had to start my sprint right away to somehow make it into the top 10. It's a pity, because I think today there would have been a good opportunity," Carstensen said after the finish.

Photos: INPHO Photography