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Concept of developing African cyclists leads to victory – Meron Teshome wins stage 2, Tour of Eritrea

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016 in Pro Cycling

Nowadays there are many discussions about integration and uniting people but to make all this happen in reality seems not to be that easy sometimes.

But how it can work, the guys from Stradalli – BIKE AID procycling team showed today in an impressive way during the 2nd stage of Tour of Eritrea.

Sometimes it is fairly enough just to make some steps towards the others and open himself to achieve a common goal. So it happened on today’s stage and many of the other riders are not able to understand what the guys did, as it is far away from normal that in a German team German riders work actively together with riders from Africa and at the end it is an African rider that wins. But at the end it’s simple to understand: it is exactly what BIKE AID concept is about! To develop African riders to grow and make them successful in the end!

 All riders put all what they had together and worked for one goal: keeping the bunch together to get a bunch sprint in the end as they knew how fast Meron Teshome is. And as they arrived at the finish line at km 178, it was the moment to show that this can come true.

Perfectly piloted by Meron Amanuel, it was Meron Teshome who let no doubt to be the fastest guy in the peloton and he also let no chance to Adriano Bani from Italian Team Amore e Vita, who finished 4th.

A great day for the team, the staff and all the riders that gives hope for the upcoming days!

Result stage 2 Tour of Eritrea