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BIKE AID squad on high-end bikes from BENOTTI in 2017

Saturday, Feb 18, 2017 in Pro Cycling

The German high-end carbon manufacturer BENOTTI becomes  premium supplier of BIKE AID Proteam from 2017 on and equips the riders with tits ax-lightness bikes, hand built in Germany.

We had to hold this message message back for quite a long time, but now we are glad that we can unveil our new bike partner from 2017. And we are all more than excited to present a such a partner as BENOTTI Bikes with its exclusive carbon manufactory "ax-lightness" as a premium supplier and strategic partner for the future.
If a cyclist could choose his dream bike, these hand-made high-end bikes from BENOTTI would for sure be top listed.
ax-lightness - unique in lightweight bicycle construction
If an ax-lightness frame comes up in a test of the cycling magazines, the competition must regularly shake, especially the "big names" of the industry. They annually announce their innovations out of their secret R&D departments with a large "advertising blabla", but the pure figures speak for themselves. In terms of weight, stiffness and comfort, ax-lightness is absolute at the top.
In times when the "Far East mainstream" seems to be without alternatives, there are courageous companies that prove the opposite. A relatively small German manufacturer builds the best frames in the world. How they do it? They take the highest quality carbon fibers and do not fear the enourmous effort in the production. An effort, that only a small company can do, which is driven by endless passion and an effort, that is not suitable for a large-scaled industrial production.
BIKE AID and BENOTTI - that suits!
To present BENOTTI and ax-lightness as new partners of BIKE AID  makes us extremely happy and motivates us. ax-lightness products have already been considered among insiders to the absolute top in carbon lightweight construction for a long time. Whether brakes, handlebars, seatposts, saddles, rims or stems. By the way, ax-lightness is not completely unknown in Formula 1, as they also produce special parts for the racing cars as well as for medical technology.
Quality, exclusivity and sustainability. These are the characteristics and values BENOTTI and ax-lightness stand for. With its hand - made products in Germany, the company from Gieboldehausen sets standards in the production of high - end bikes and won the Eurobike Award in 2016 with its 7kg lightweight MTB Vial Evo XC (to the report).
"This bike not only looks absolutely cool but, weighing in at only 7 kg, is barely heavier than the lightest road bikes. It’s also a masterpiece of styling", says the jury at Eurobike.
And with such noble parts our guys will be at the start this season.
„For the first time, we are not disadvantaged from the start anymore compared to the equipment of the „big guys“ from the World Tour. In the past, we always had to ask ourselves the question , how do we not land miles away from the weight limit of 6.8kg that the other teams match. Unfortunately, we never succeeded, we've always been far away. Well, by this collaboration with BENOTTI and ax-lightness, we need to turn the question: how do we reach the 6.8kg minimum weight of the UCI, so how can we increase the weight of our bikes. This is already a quantum leap for us and will certainly impact the performance and results," said Timo Schäfer, one of the two team managers.
Perspectives? - Sure, of course!

Also long-term goals are being pursued together and both parties are already planning the future:
"We have consciously decided to epartner up with BIKE AID after also talking to other teams. However, the concept and sustainability with which BIKE AID also works as a "total package" impressed us. This stands clearly out from the other teams and has the potential to set new standards in professional cycling in the long term. And we as BENOTTI want to work together on those new ways and create something unique," says Bernd Nolte, founder and managing director of BENOTTI and also managing director of ax-lightness composites.
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