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"BIKE AID is the perfect fit for exploring my talents" - Californian Timothy Rugg joins BIKE AID for 2017

Thursday, Dec 15, 2016 in Pro Cycling

He is not the average cyclist, he is rather a very special and unique character. The 31 year old Califronian Timothy Rugg convinced with his two stage wins at Tour of Rwanda but also with his personality. BIKE AID talked to the US - boy and here is what he said.

BIKE AID: Timothy, you are a very unique guy. Would you please describe yourself with your own words that people here can know more about you?
Timothy Rugg: "I am a musician, computer nerd, humanitarian, and adventure seeker. I am a true all-around cyclist that loves riding and racing road, mountain, cyclocross, and track bikes. I'm not your average cyclist because I got a late start at 23 years old already having a career on-track in information technology and slinging coffees as a barista part-time. I was playing in a band and generally just using the bike to meet people and explore. I am still doing the latter and my personality begs me to stay on this ride as long as I can."
What are your best Moments as a rider so far?
"Two moments come to mind. Winning the Most Aggressive Rider award in the final stage of the Nature Valley Grand Prix (NVGP) in 2012 and having Greg Lemond award me the jersey is one. The other is winning Stage 3 of the Tour Du Rwanda.
At the NVGP I broke away in the second lap of a twenty-three lap circuit race with a hill each lap with a 23% grade. The crowd on the hill kept me going much longer than I believe I could have done alone as one rider from Bissell joined me and then dropped, and another Bissell rider was tagged in and joined me as I wrestled the bike up the steep hill an impossible amount of times. We fought hard until the United Healthcare "Blue-Train" charged by us with one and a half laps to go to clinch Rory Sutherland's overall up for the race. I have always enjoyed the energy you can get by sharing the experience with the people watching and despite how exhausted I was, I spent the rest of the day meeting and hanging out with people along the course.
If you're curious why the Tour Du Rwanda was so incredible for me. Well I'm here! But to save some redundancy I tell the entire tale over at a blog created by a Spanish cyclist and enthusiast, Matxin Formolo: "
Can you tell us more about what your goals are for 2017 personally and as a rider?
"The main goal for next year will be exploring Europe and Africa as much as possible and making the most of the opportunity ahead of me. I hope I can elevate my teammates while exploring my own talents in an aggressive race schedule. I hope to gain some fluency in German and more-so in French while I explore my interest in Opera singing. I know, that's weird right? Again, I'm not your average guy. I have some high hopes for races all over the world, but they mean nothing if I'm not focused on being a positive influence to everyone around me and for myself."
You have met and experienced BIKE AID during this year's Tour du Rwands. What was your motivation to join BIKE AID?
"I have a history of working and volunteering in East Africa and their commitment to social advocacy and connecting communities throughout the world through the medium of bicycles aligns perfectly with the commitment I want to make. I make that commitment and believe Bike Aid is the perfect fit for exploring my talents and passions."
Is there anything else people should know about you?
"I am 31 years old. It is never too late to begin anything and believe in yourself. I hope people with follow along this year as I try to share my story in a way that is relatable and encouraging. Let's do this!"
Thank you very much Timothy for the short introduction and we wish you all the best for the future!
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