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Bichlmann did it - almost

Saturday, May 26, 2018 in Pro Cycling

Daniel Bichlmann sets an incrediblle attack in the final kilometer and just get caught 100m to the finishline. At the end he takes 7th place. 

It would have been a surprise for the sprinters in the peloton. In the final kilometer Daniel Bichlmann attacked with all he had and got a gap. With all power the sprinters tried to close  the gap but in fron it was Daniel - alone. 500m, 400m,300m - he just saw the signs flying by and the finish line coming closer and closer. 

But then, 100m to the line, 6 men passed by in the very last moment in the full sprint and Daniel took 7th in the end. A brave ride and he for sure would have deserved to succeed but cycling is cycling in the end. 

"Today, our sprinter Lucas had to abandon the race due to illness and we had to look for alternative ideas how to act in the final. So there was one moment in the final kilometer where the others looked around a bit and I knew I have to give it all now and go", Daniel said after the race. 

Photo credits. INPHO Sportsphotography