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Adne van Engelen studio guest in Holland, opening winner in Germany

Monday, Jun 8, 2020 in Pro Cycling

He comes from flat Holland and is still an absolute mountain climber. Our 51kg light weight had a hard time with virtual races in the beginning, but now it is not only successful, but can present our team as a studio guest of the Dutch Zwift League.

Lucas Carstensen had a bit of experience in virtual racing on his teammates and was able to fully exploit with the three individual successes and overall victory of the first virtual league from the German Cycling Federation.

One or the other team-mate struggled with technical problems during the first attempts or was so unfamiliar with the peculiarities of the virtual races that after a few minutes he found himself hanging far behind. In our video chat together, this caused some emotional freaks on the one hand and a little fun on the other.

Our light weight Adne van Engelen also had a hard time at the beginning, especially when it came to the flat sprint races. Everyone who knows Adne knows how much he loves the mountains, the difficult races and the stupid pedaling in front of the screen is certainly not his thing.

But Adne is ambitious and sensibly integrated the virtual races into his training as intense stimuli. He got better and better and was one of the favorites on a mountainous course at the official Dutch Zwift League last week. So he was allowed to load his bike into the car and sweat in front of the camera in a professional studio setup. In the end it wasn't enough for the victory, but it was a successful performance with a really entertaining broadcast:

After the overall victory of Lucas Carstensen in the virtual Bundesliga, which was held for the first time, the German Cycling Federation launched a round of three independent individual races, called "GCA Klassiker" and BIKE AID is again successful.

The course was difficult enough for Adne, who celebrated a solo victory with a small lead. Our Ugandan rider Charles Kagimu came 7th. He sat with Suleiman Kangangi in Iten / Kenya on the roller trainer at an altitude of 2,200m. Anyone who knows something about performance and altitude can think about that.

With a rider from Holland, Uganda and Kenya, BIKE AID also wins the start of the new format of the virtual race of the German Cycling Federation. With a small wink, the view of the regulations of the "real Bundesliga" is therefore allowed.

Result GCA Klassiker #1
Result Zwift NL League