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A good day - even without a result - Kipkemboi moves up to 4th

Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017 in Pro Cycling

Even without an own result BIKE AID youngster Salim Kipkemboi from Kenya moves up to 4th in GC. Holler still in the lead.


On a rainy stage 8 of the Tour of Poyang Lake the guys from BIKE AID defended again the overall lead of Nikodemus Holler. Despite numerous attacks by the competitors for the GC, the riders of team BIKE AID presented themselves once again active and could equalize the attacks over and over. Now, there are only 3 stages left, and the situation has improved once again as Salim Kipkemboi moved up to fourth place in the general classification.

Behind Niko Holler, BIKE AID rider Suleiman Kangangi, also Kenya, ranks second.