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1.334km eastwards - No Limited new wheel partner for BIKE AID

Saturday, Jan 23, 2021 in Pro Cycling

We are happy to present another new partner for our team for the upcoming season. And to a first time cooperation with a partner from our neighboring country Poland.

Pozdrawiam serdecznie z Polski

Last October we received an email from Poland, a certain Kamil asked us if we had heard of No Limited and if we would like to take a closer look. No Limited what? Honestly, we have never heard of this brand before. But the market of wheel manufacturers is now also more than confusing.

100km to Ukraine 

The small but noble wheel label is based in the tranquil village Kamień, which probably no one has heard. It is located so far east that it is just 100km to the Ukrainian border and thus a whole 1,334km to the west, until you end up with us in Saarland. In Poland, No Limited is known to everyone who is ambitiously involved in cycling and the brand has been equipping successful teams there for years.

Kamil was friendly but above all we noticed after a short exchange that he really has the highest know-how in wheel technology. This made us curious, we were in fact just looking to reposition ourselves in this area for the future.  

You still use rim brakes, seriously?

From the point of view of mountainbikers, we were almost oldschool on the road, because we still relied on rim brakes. The background: Especially with our air travels and races in all corners of the world gives one simple, valued technology first of all the feeling to be able to solve possible problems more simply. But the braking performance of carbon in wet conditions would trigger at most mountainbiker a pitying shake of the head, disc brakes have long been the standard there.

So it was also clear to us: disc brakes must come

But which wheels? Kamil explained to us that the brand No Limited was not yet active in Germany but he wanted to send us a few samples for testing. No sooner said than done, installed and ridden and we were convinced.

The finish of the carbon rims makes a very high-quality impression and only the most reliable components are used. DT-Swiss hubs are considered the quality standard and convince especially by durable bearings and Sapim CX ray spokes are the measure of things in terms of aerodynamics and weight. We were most convinced by the fact that the test wheels were perfectly spoked, with a spoke tension that is only feasible with very stable carbon rims, but offers maximum stiffness.

80mm pure Carbon for Justin

In addition, No Limited has a very extensive range, which covers the most diverse requirements. Our time trial machine Justin Wolf, for example, can use the 80mm high profile wheels to stretch a field over 180km to control the competition. But when every gram counts for our mountain goats like Adne van Engelen or Erik Bergström Frisk, wheels close to the 1kg mark are available. Most of the time, however, we'll run a 50mm rim as our "all-day" wheels, which offers the best compromise between weight and aerodynamics.

We are looking forward to this partnership, as No Limited helps us to take the next step in technical development. And it is also exciting to represent a brand that is still unknown here around and hopefully inspire more cyclists.